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T-shirt Business Class

T-shirt Business Class

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*** This is a Virtual Class*** This is a Virtual Class ***

Are you looking to Start a Lucrative T-shirt Business? Do You have a Silhouette cameo or another vinyl cutter that you don't know how to use? Do you have a heat press machine? 

Not all of this equipment is necessary right away. There are ways to get Started without having them all. If you have them all but don't know how to use them even better.


In this Class you will Learn the following:

How to pick a Niche

How to Start with No Money

How to Start without Equipment

How to use your Equipment

Where to Design or Buy Designs

How to make and package products

Pricing /Profits

Where to purchase Supplies


You will also receive 10 shirts completed by Jolie Collection with your Design on it for you to resale .