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A Brunch of Bosses

A Brunch of Bosses

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Join us for A Brunch of Bosses

Date: June 26, 2022, Sunday

Time: 12pm-4pm cst

Location:  Private venue in Chicago

Mission: A Brunch of Bosses will be a small intimate event for inspiring and small business owners to come together to network with each other for possible future collaborations and more. a lot of small businesses do not succeed because the lack cash flow, business credit and proper foundation for their business. A strong foundation for your business plays a huge role in the overall Success of the business.

We will start this event with Headshots from a professional photographer. No matter what type of business you have headshots, professional headshots are essential. Please come prepared with hair and makeup already done to execute your headshots as you desire.

A lot of people drain the personal savings to fund their business. They end of with a lot of debt on their personal credit from trying to keep their business afloat.  We will have a Business banker as our Guest Speaker that will teach us about business credit and the importance of it. Come prepared to listen, learn and take notes.

Last but not least we will have a pitch contest. Now days a lot of people are quick to say they own a business but very few know how to sell you own their business in less than 3 minutes. It's vital to know how to quickly read a person and know how to pitch your business to them in a short period of time leaving them Egar to become a customer/ client of yours.

There are only 20 tickets available for this event. 

Ticket price includes the following:

Professional Headshot


Thank you

Session with Business Banker to Learn about Business Credit

Raffle Giveaway

Champagne Toast