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Essential Oils and Hair Growth

In this blog  we will discuss the benefits of some of the essential oils found in our hair growth oil

Can essential oils grow your hair?

The right combination of essential oils can grow your hair.

Why do you prefer to use essential oils on your hair and scalp?

Essential oils are preferred because they treat scalp disease, kill bacteria and fungus, hydrate hair and scalp. Most importantly they are all natural.

What are the benefits of rosemary oil?

-Rosemary is one of the best oils for enhancing hair growth

-Increase cellular metabolism that promotes hair growth

-Prevents premature graying and dandruff  

-Increases blood supply to hair follicles which promotes hair growth

What are the benefits of rice bran oil?

-Rice bran oil strengthens your hair strands

-Protects hair from sun/heat/cold damage

-Tackles dandruff

-Nourishes hair

What are the benefits of safflower /sunflower oil? 

top 3 refer to safflower last 2 apply to sunflower

-Adds shine

-Strengthens hair follicles 

-Increase circulation

-Eliminates Frizz

-Improves scalp health

What are the benefits of juniper berry oil?

-Kills fungus and bacteria

-Treats scalp inflamation

-Soothes dry scalp

-Removes dead skin cells from scalp


Jolie Collection LLC hopes this helps you to better understand some of the ingredients in our hair oil and the many benefits of them. Drink plenty of water. Clean scalp and hair clean. Apply our hair growth oil. Massage into scalp.


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